In Detail

How large are the models ?

The size of model depends on the scale chosen, which in turn depends on the size of the ground. For the majority of grounds I recommend a range between 1:100 and 1:300. For a typically sized football ground a scale of 1:100 means a base measuring about 1.5m x 1.2m. A scale of 1:300 with a base size of 1.2m x 80cm approx.


What period should the model depict ?

Craigleith Art & Design specialises in the period prior to 1990, and suggest that although the exact year chosen will vary according to the club and its ground history, in many cases a date between 1945 and 1980 would be ideal but any period can be achieved.


How accurate  are the models ?

Craigleith Art & Design does all it can to ensure maximum authenticity by closely scrutinising photographs, plans and archive material.


Can working floodlights be provided ?

If appropriate for the chosen period of the model, Craigleith Art & Design can provide working floodlights, subject to certain conditions and extra costs. However, owning to the scale used and the nature of fibre optic technology we cannot guarantee that the design of the scaled down pylon or lamps will be exact replicas of the originals. It should also be noted that although our miniature lights provide a superb added effect, available at the push of a button, they do not literally illuminate the model's entire pitch area.



Each model will be estimated individually.